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this is 9 news now. hello, thank you for joining us. i'm ja are cie hayward. we are answering questions about what happened in benghazi
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last september. congress wants to know why the attack was not prevented. >> reporter: lawmakers are looking for ants about the september -- answers about the september 11th attacks on benghazi libya. >> this president and this administration has either been guilty of colossal incompetence or engaged in a cover up. >> reporter: at closed door hearings, members of the house and senate intelligence committees are grilling the president's national security team about what happened during the attack and in the days leading up to it. lawmakers are also digging into the administration's public response. several are outraged un ambassador susan rice said it didn't appear to be preplanned the at his press conference wednesday president obama defended rice saying she acted
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on intelligence briefings she was given. >> when they go after the un ambassador, they have a problem with me. >> reporter: michael morel is testifying today. david petraeus will testify behind closed doors tomorrow. one hearing today is not closed, the house foreign affairs committee is asking experts to offer their assessment of what went wrong. >> it's two months later and too little is known about what took place. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will not testify this week. she's scheduled to talk lawmakers once the state department completes its own investigation. danielle nottingham, cbs news capitol hill. >> general petraeus was taken off today's witness list when he resigned last friday. lawmakers are very vocal that they want to hear what he has to say about benghazi, so he is headed to the hill tomorrow morning. mitt romney says that he lost the presidential election because of the gifts that
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president obama gave to african- americans and hispanics and to his core supporters. that's explanation that romney gave his donors during a conference call yesterday. he said the president used programs like obama care to get the black vote and amnesty for children of illegal immigrants o to get the hispanic vote. one of romney's biggest supporters bobby jindal denounced the remarks. >> i reject that notion and description. i think that's wrong. that is not -- i don't think that represents where we are as a party and where we're going as a party and i think that has got to be one of the most fundament tall take aways from the election. >> romney lost the election by 3.5 million-volts or 3%. -- votes or 3%. david axle rod says romney is looking at america through the
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47% prism. shots rang out as the fbi swat teamed served a warrant in the 6700 block of kipling parkway. gunfire erupted around 6:30 this morning. the fbi says that no one was hit. they're also not saying who fired the shots. one woman was transported for a minor injury that was unrelated to the shooting and has since been released. the fbi will not say what the search warrant was for. someone stole mike shanahan's passport and also some money. this happened two weeks ago while the redskins were in pittsburgh playing the steelers. there's no word on how much money was taken. the money and passport was stolen from shanahan's locker at the heinz field. three people were killed after hamas fired rockets into israel. they are the latest fatalities
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of the latest e conflict to hit the coastal region. five others were injured in that attack. president obama is visiting new york city today. he's getting an update from local officials on superstorm sandy's recovery efforts and the cities most outer burro. randall pinkston talked to staten island residents about the visit. >> reporter: rudy is glad the president is looking at the damage. some relates say fema and private groups have not done enough to get them back on their feet. more than two weeks since the storm, thousands who have homes remain without power and heat. >> everything thinks they're going to be first in line. there's people who need assistance a lot faster than others, eventually they're going o to get to everybody. >> i'm just about this far from the ceiling fan. >> reporter: bob and maxsine
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road the storm on a foam mattress. they are satisfied with the government's response so far. >> i think it was slow at first. i think once everything kicked in, you know, it was overwhelming. >> reporter: 47,000 new yorkers have applied for housing help, the displaced residents are frustrated and exhausted. they want fema to act faster. >> i see e them takeing publics but i don't -- applications but i don't see anyone getting anything. >> reporter: residents are making heartfelt pleas to the president. >> the president the visited new jersey shortly after the storm. but mayor bloomberg asked him not to come to new york because he didn't want to divert resources to protect the president. sources close to the case say that oil giant bp has
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agreed to pay $4.5 billion in criminal penalties for that deadly 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. two employees will also face manslaughter charges for the deaths of eleven people when the deep water oil rig exploded. bp is expected to plead guilty to lying to congress about how much oil was pouring out of the ruptured well. still to come when 9 news now continues, are you ready for winter? well, apparently these guys are. find out what they're doing to prepare us for a harsh winter.
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today on one on one with my montgomery county executive,
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isaiah, who is a happy man after the election last tuesday, the dream act passed, you were pushing that. >> right. >> you feel good don't you. >> very much so. i think it states a good position for the state of maryland and also provides a foundation for the nation as a whole. i think it's something that long overdue. we need comprehensive immigration reform. and i think the model that we started in maryland and the overwhelming support and what i now hear and see from congress, i think there's a good opportunity now for us to deal comprehensively with immigration and immigration reform at the national level. >> gambling passed, my goodness. that was controversial. you were pushing r for it. >> it was. but i think it's the right thing when you look at the amount of resources that are leaving maryland going to west virginia, pennsylvania and delaware. we are looking at a half billion dollars a year and all of those things together, west virginia, $200 million alone. we have needs in maryland and our people are going to other places. we need to keep that money
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here. i think the citizens spoke is a very controversial matter, and ultimately i think people recognize the gambling is in maryland and we need to manage it and control it in a way that provide the resources in the state of maryland and not other jurisdictions. >> there's new legislation on the table. antismoking legislation, explain that to me. >> the two efforts that are going on, one at the state level where there's an attempt which i'm backing to increase the cigarettes by 1 are dollars per -- 1 dollar per pack to discourage teenagers from smoking, to provide additional resources to help and a variety of things that smoking now obviously affects in terms of health. that's at the state level. at the local level, there's expansion that was sent to eliminate smoking in all places, outdoors and county owned facilities. this is something that i think will be looked upon favorably.
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she has developed a good idea and the time now is to move to do it and i think we will do it. >> you're trying to shut it down. no smoking outside buildings. it used to be that you could or still is. now you're saying huh-uh. >> that's right. >> okay. all right. it is always a pleasure to have you. >> thanks for having me. and now we're going to say the forecast will be up in just a moment and he has a four legged friend with him. >> that's right. it's a feline today. we'll meet that animal in a few minutes. when we go to are break. i want to show you temperatures not moving much. still cloudy out here. wind are light. that 7-day forecast, looking ahead to the weekend before thanksgiving. when 9news now returns.
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i've been coming through the daily details to find discounts and here are some of the favorites. time to work on holiday cards or calendars. shutter fly is offering 40% offer for a limited time. use the coupon code holiday. and here's a 32-inch pd, with four pairs of 3d glasses,
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579.99. the original price almost 1100 dollars and you're getting free shipping. there are limited quantities available. take the family to zoo life for 50% off. living coach has this deal. pay $28 for a family package for four. this this this could -- includes four train rides, tubing sessions. i'm jessica doyle, 9news now. the virginia department of transportationments drivers and -- transportation wants drivers and local leads to know they are ready for winter. they showed off new snow removal equipment, and one of the new tools is a web application that allows citizens to see how well their neighborhood is being plowed. >> once there's more than 2 inches of snow on the ground, that web application will be open to the public and the public will be able to see
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whether we started plowing in the neighborhood, whether the plowing is in process or has been completed. >> they say they have also retrofitted a truck especially for plow plowing the beltways from springfield to the dallas access road. howard is going o to tell us what kind of winter he thinks we're going to have. >> not yet. on tuesday, i'm working on it. we may be able to use that a little bit this season. we have a whole staff of people working on it with me as well so stay tuned coming early next week. weather wise it's cool today without the wind. really light winds, 45, 50 degrees. it's not uncomfortable really when you're out there. here's a look at the day planner. not much sunshine today. maybe a little bit later on this afternoon but these clouds have been hanging tough.
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i would call it partly to mostly cloudy, a light north and northeast winds at 5 miles per hour with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s for highs. not too much more than where we are right now. you'll notice this evening we're falling back into the middle 40s with northeast winds at generally 3 to 4 miles per hour. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy overnight back in the 30s. satellite and radar, there's no rain falling but look at the clouds, they're hanging tough. we're seeing the back edge of the clouds coming through a little bit in western maryland around here, still cloudy. still cool. not much motion with the temperatures. temperature changed very little since yesterday. still in the same spot in the upper 40s. the actual temp, 39 in winchester, they were in the upper 20s this morning. 50 in cambridge. that is the warm spot. as we look outside on our weather camera, cloudy skies over cc at this hour.
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49 degrees. and the humidity standing at 59%. nationally, well, we're looking at shower down in the southeast. look at california, you have a storm here. there's another storm here. so these two storms are going to gang up on the west o coast over the next few days, so probably see news stories with heavy rains and snows. and the clouds continue to blow up to the north off of those showers and that's why we're kind of stuck in the cloudiness right now. i think a little bit later this afternoon we'll get a little bit o bit -- of sun before nighttime occurs. this is underdone with the clouds, but the point i want to make is the showers from north carolina coming into southeast virginia. clouds with us somewhat overnight east of 95 and tomorrow we'll get rid of the clouds and end up being a decent day around here, a little warmer, maybe 54, 55, and again on saturday, another
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decent days as high temperatures get back into the mid-50s. tonight 30s, partly to mostly cloudy again. cold spots north and west could be closer to 30 degrees. tomorrow 54 with more sun. saturday still looks mostly sunny and cool. 56. a few more clouds sunday. that coastal storm looks like it's going to stay far enough south and east. 52 sunday, look at next week leading up to thanksgiving, dry and comfortable as temperatures hold into the mid-50s and looks like we're going to have a dry thanksgiving day right now. most of the country looks good for travel leading up to thanksgiving except for the pacific northwest. it is thursday at noon. that means it's pet line thursday. this is sandra with kitty cats. >> yes, this is kitty cat. she's had a hard life. she lived with an elderly woman and the elderly woman died and
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she found herself on the porch of another elderly man and he recently passed away, too, and she's a sweet cat, about 7 years old. she's a real lap cat. she needs a quiet home with someone that's going to understand she's an orphan and has had a hard life. >> you were here last week and have a success story. >> yes, lollipop, a person came down and put in an application and said she was going to adopt lollipop. lollipop got a lot of applications but she seemed to be the best match. >> and some people maybe look at other dogs and that helps get them adopted or cats in this case. if someone is interested, this is a shy cat, they can put in an application online under
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kitty cat. >> any shows coming up. >> we do. we have one this weekend between 12 and 2 at pet coe up there and they can see all that information online. >> go to our web site, and kitty cat, we're going to get you a home and we're going to be back with more 9news at noon right after this,
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today i am one on one with chef graham bartless. he's with zango, the restaurant that has on 7th street and gallery, at gallery place on 7
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7th street. it's been there for 7 years and it does an asian type fooded. >> latin and asian. >> and we're going to talk about appear and panetta. we have the recipe online. i'll walk you through it really fast. it's really easy. this is an asian appear. you can't find this in super markets, but you can usually. we have it chopped up in apple juice and you're going to saute it down with sugar and butter until it caramelizes a little bit and cool that and mix with sour cream and cream cheese and you can buy pastry in the grocery store, crimp it down with egg yolk and seal it up and fry that a little bit. we serve it with goats milk caramel on top. gives it a little bit of tanginess. >> and what else do you put on it. >> do you have some ice cream
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we can put on top of that. this is latin style caramel ice cream. >> that looks good. >> you have the hot and cold textures and a little bit of sesame seed garnish on this. >> that is nice. you have other dishes. >> these are a couple other dishes, this is a desert but this is more like an appetizer, mahimahi and it's not overwhelmingly spicey. it's a small place. and then the entree. we have the korean style dish, it comes out to the table sizing hot and we have prongs and pork belly and vegetables. it's fun to eat at the table, especially if you have a couple l people to share it with. >> let me tell you about this restaurant, they're voted to have the best mohito, best
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mexican food chefs in america, fabulous restaurant. visit them. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> come back and visit us at 5:00.
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